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GA Studies

Georgia Under The Confederation Government

What type of government did the 13 colonies first live in? A confederation
What problems did the state try to solve by rebuilding? Problems with finances, land, and native Americans
What was the Articles of Confederation? A document outlining the way the government operated.
What was the main focus of the confederation government? To defend the country, pay its debts, settle arguments, and set up postal services for mail between states.
Why did the articles of confederation have no executive branch? There was no executive branch because the ex colonies remembered the power of the king and royal governors.
What was the personal wealth of most Georgians? Most personal wealth came from land
Near the end of the war who took control over Georgia? The Patriots
How did Loyalist loose their property? By not wanting to return or if their applications get rejected
What does confiscate mean? To take over
What did the amount of land you received depend on? Your rank (as a soldier) or the amount of household
What town served as the capital for 10 years until Louisville was built? Augusta
How was fur trade damaged by the war? Majority of the taders happened to be Loyalists who had left or died.
In what meeting did the Cherokee agree to give up some of their land? The meeting at Long Swamp in October 1782
Who was the leader of the upper creek? Alexander McGilvray
What did McGilvray support? He supported that settlers got out of the territory beyond the Ogeechee River.
Since the government could not tax how did they gain money? The confederation got money by selling land and asking states for money
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