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ch13 s1

based on guided reading chapter 13 section 1

functions of the articles of confederation defend the country, pay its debts, settle disputes between the states, maintain relationships with other countries, and set up a postal service to deliver mail across the states.
legislature under the articles of confederation unicameral ( one-house ). worked by forming committees to deal with specific tasks.
by the end of the war, georgia's government was based on the constitution of 1777.
executive branch under the constitution of 1777 shared by a govenor and a council.
judicial branch under the constitution of 1777 superior court in each county was the major institution of government. oversaw elections, controlled roads, and provided aid for the poor.
main issues facing the state of georgia problems left by the war. rebuilding georgia's buildings and farms, pay state debt, and establish and maintain better relationships with creek and cherokee.
personal wealth of georgians was in land, not cash.
bounty grant soldiers who served in the militia or continental army received land for their service. the higher the rank, the more land could be received; privates got 2 hundred acres, but colonels could receive several thousand acres.
headright system the head of the family had the right to receive 2 hundred acres of land plus 50 acres for every additional household member.
the state of georgia moved the state capital to louisville because the importance of areas father away from the coast.
maintaining good relationships with the native americans wass important because many creek and cherokee supported the american cause for independence.
the fur trade was damaged because most traders were loyalists who had left the colonies or died.
alexander mcgilivray half-scot half-creek. he and his people did not support any treaties to cede land to the american government.
patriot printed money could not buy goods because patriot dollars had very little value.
georgia was indebted to its own citizens, who had provided troops with suppliess during the war.
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