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Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Flashcards

What did Georgia do after the destruction caused by the Revolution? Georgia began to rebuild
What is BOUNTY GRANT? Soldiers in both state militia and the Continental army, including those from other states who had fought for independence in Georgia, could receive land for their service.
What were the main issues facing new. state involved overcoming the problem left by the war? How to rebuild the buildings and farms, paying the states debts, and to edtablish better relationships with the Creek and the Cherokee.
Weak excutuive Articles of Confederation
What is GRANT? Give
The confederation as a whole now owned was called what? The Northwest Terriotry
What trade was damaged by the American Revolution for the Indians? The Fur Trade
What was another major problem for the young state government was what? Money
What was Georgia in by the end of the war? Georgia was in debt
Was the Confederation Strong or Weak? The Confederation was Weak
What did the Confederation as whole had what from the war? Debts
At the end of the war, what was Georgia's government based on? It was based on the Constitution of 1777
The personal wealth of most Georgians was what and not what? It was land, not Money
The amount of land you received was what? It was the rank of the solider
Why was there no executive branch? The executive branch reminded ex-colonies of the executive power of the king and royal govenors
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