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Kenya - Ch 10

Kenya - Chapter 10

What type of economy does Kenya have? Mixed economy
Which European country colonized Kenya? Great Britain
Where is Kenya located in Africa? Along the East Coast by the Indian Ocean
How did the Great Rift Valley develop? It was formed by plate tectonics.
Who was the first elected president of Kenya? Jomo Kenyatta
What is the most important natural resource in Kenya? Rich farmland
Which Kenyan physical feature helps the agriculture sector the most? Fertile highlands
What type of government does Kenya have? A presidential democracy
How is the head of government chosen in Kenya? He/she is directly elected by the citizens
What is a bicameral parliament? A parliament that contains 2 houses.
If Kenya wants to increase its standard of living, what should the government do? Increase its investment in education for boys and girls
What is a major challenge facing the government of Kenya? Terrorism and government corruption
Which obstacle for Kenya's government has negatively affected the tourism industry? Corrupt officials and terrorism
What is nationalism? A deep love or pride in your country
What best explains the difference in literacy rates in Kenya? Boys are more likely to go to school because girls do not need to know how to read and write to take care of their family.
What was the main goal of the Pan African movement? To get all African's to work together and think of themselves as one people
Who is the head of the state and head of government of Kenya? the president
What is the free trade zone of which Kenya is a member? EAC
What is urbanization? When people move from rural areas to urban areas
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