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Topic 7 Lessons 1&2


An official ceremony to make someone President Inauguration
A group of people chosen by each state to vote for the President and Vice President. Electoral College
A group of advisors for the President Cabinet
Served as Washington's Secreytary of State Thomas Jefferson
Served as Washington's Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton
Served as Washington's Secretary of War Henry Knox
Served as Washington's Attorney General Edmund Randolph
This cabinet position handles legal issues and law enforcement. Attorney General
This cabinet position deals with national money matters. Secretary of the Treasury
This cabinet position conducts war and protects the nation Secretary of War
This cabinet position handles relations with other countries Secretary of State
A group of people who have the same beliefs about government. political party
Leader of the Federalist Party Alexander Hamilton
Leader of the Democratic-Republicans Thomas Jefferson
This party believed in a powerful national government and an economy based on trade and industry. Federalists
This party believed that a powerful national government would take away the rights of the people . The economy should be based on farming. Democratic-Republicans.
Hamilton got his national bank. In return, Thomas Jefferson got...... the capital of the US in the south (Washington, D.C.)
What was Jefferson's major argument against the National Bank that was proposed by Hamilton? He said the Constitution did not give the government the power to create a National Bank.
Which President was the first to live in the White House? John Adams
Who was the 3rd. President of the United States? Thomas Jefferson
Someone who settles a new place before other. pioneer
the edge of settlement frontier
A narrow passage in the Appalachian mountains that made it easier for people to move west. Cumberland Gap
Which country did Jefferson buy the Louisiana Territory from? France.
Why was Napoleon Bonaparte willing to sell the entire Louisiana Territory? He was fighting a war and needed money.
How did Jefferson justify his purchase of the Louisiana Territory? He claimed it was a treaty with another country, which the Constitution gave him the power to do.
someone who translates what people are saying into other languages. interpreter
Who led the exploration of the Louisiana Territory ? Meriwether Lewis and William Clark
What were the three goals of the Lewis and Clark expedition? 1.) Explore the waterways to see if they could find the Northwest Passage. 2.) Meet and Learn about the Native Americans. 3.) Study and take notes on landforms, animals, plants et.c
How far did Lewis and Clark go? They traveled from St. Louis, Missouri to the Pacific Ocean.
Created by: mrshillenbrand
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