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SS Vocab #7

Inauguration Ceremony at which the President officially takes the oath of office
Precedent An act or decision that sets an example for others to follow
Cabinet Group of officials who head government departments and advise the President
National Dept Total sum of money the government owes
Bond Certificate that promises to repay money loaned, plus interest, at a late date
Speculator Person who invest in a risky venture in the hope of making a large profit
Tariff A tax on foreign goods brought into a country
Protective Tariff Higher tax on imports to protect a country's industry from foreign competition
Foreign Policy Actions that a nation takes towards other nations
Neutrality Proclamation Policy that the U.S would not support either England or France in the French Revolution (Made by Washington)
Jay's Treaty Treaty with England tat said England pay for damage ships and the U.s would pay debts owed to England- Did nothing to protect the U.S ships
Unconstitutional Not permitted by the constitution
Political Party Organized group who have the same views about government
Democratic Republicans Political party that supported Thomas Jefferson's idea of government
Federalism Political Party that supported ideas of Alexander Hamilton of government
States rights Idea that states can over ride a national law
Sedition Stirring up rebellion against a government
Nullify To cancel
XYZ Affacir Foreign event where France tried to bribe American officals
Alien and Sedition Acts Two Laws that dealt with expelling foreigners and fining people who spoke out against the government(1798)
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