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Chapter 11 Vocab.

Social Studies

Cicero A philosopher and public speaker that tried to stop the chaos in Rome’s government
Julius Caesar A Roman general that took control of Rome and later became emperor
Pompey Along with Crassus and Caesar ruled over Rome for a brief time
Marc Antony Assistant to Caesar and ruled with Octavian after Caesar’s assassination.
Augustus Adopted son of Caesar whose original name is Octavian
Cleopatra Queen of Eygpt who commited suicide with Antony to avoid capture by Octavian
Pax Romana Roman peace
Aqueduct A raised channel used to carry water from mountains into cities.
Romance languages Languages that are based on Latin like Italian, French, and Spanish
Civil Law A legal system based on a written code of laws
Christianity Rooted in the ideas and traditions of Judaism and was based on the life and teachings of Jesus
Jesus of Nazareth According to Christian teachings, he is the son of God
Bible Is the holy book for Christianity and its made up of the Old and New Testaments
Crucifixion A type of execution in which a person was nailed or tied to a cross
Resurrection The belief that something is brought back to life after being dead
Apostles 12 disciples whom Jesus chose to receive special training
Paul One of the Apostles and an important figure in the spreading of Christianity
Constantine Emperor of Rome that converted to Christianity and made it the official religion around 300 AD
Diocletian 200s AD he became emperor ofRome and split the empire into two halves
Attila Leader of the Huns that attacked the Eastern Roman Empire
Corruption The decay of people’s values
Efficient Productive and not wasteful
Justinian Emperor of Rome from 527 to 565 and tried to retake the old Rome Empire
Theodora Wife of Justinian and convinced him to stay and fight in Constantinople.
Byzantine empire What the Eastern Roman Empire developed into
Created by: Laebear7
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