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Macbeth Chapter 5


At the beginning of Act 5, why is the doctor and the nurse observing Lady Macbeth? The nurse and the doctor are observing Lady Macbeth because she is going through a phase of sleepwalking.
What is Lady Macbeth acting like she’s doing in the opening scene? She keeps attempting to wash her hands of blood.
What does the doctor say Lady Macbeth needs more than himself? The doctor says she needs god more than himself.
According to one of the Thanes, what motivated the soldiers that Macbeth commands? They move in fear and not love.
How many soldiers does Malcolm and the English army bring? Ten Thousand
What does Malcolm command every soldier to do in order to camouflage them? They were ordered to cut down a tree and use it as camouflage.
What is the shriek that Macbeth hears before the battle begins? Lady Macbeth
What does Macbeth metaphorically compare life to on page 115? He compares life to a walking shadow.
What does one of Macbeth’s soldiers report to him that enrages him? He was told the grove was moving towards the castle.
How is Macduff able to harm Macbeth, despite the witches’ prophecy? What is the medical term that is used to describe the nature of his birth? He was born because of a C section.
When Macbeth refuses to fight Macduff, what does Macduff tell Macbeth they will do with him? They would be on display while he was still alive and it would say come see the tyrant.
At the end of the play, how does Malcolm explain the death of Lady Macbeth? Is there another possible way she died? He explains her death by saying she took her own life. She could have also been killed by enemy soldiers, or even a friendly soldier that betrayed her.
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