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Security + CompTIA

Domain 3 Architecture and design

COBIT s a framework for developing, implementing, monitoring and improving information technology (IT) governance and management best practices.
COSO a widely accepted control framework for enterprise governance and risk management
SDN Software Defined Network - technology that separates the control plane management of network devices from the underlying data plane that forwards network traffic - network is intelligent and has broad perspective
NAT Name Address Translation - acts as liaison between internal and internet, allowing multiple computers to connect to the internet using 1 IP address
air gaps physically isolated machines not connected to the internet
Mirror ports used on a network switch to send a copy of network packets seen on one switch port to a network monitoring connection on another switch port
SPAN Switched Port Analyzer, fancy name for Mirror Ports
TPMs secure cryptoprocessors used to authenticate hardware devices
TPM's Bitlocker full disk encryption requires this kind of chip
EFS Encryption File System, basically NTFS 3.0 - doesn't require TPM
EMI Shielding seeks to reduce electronic signals that "leak" from computer and electronic equipment. Uses Faraday cages & TEMPEST shielding
Netstat Port 15
FTP Port 20 & 21
Telnet Port 23
SMTP Port 25
DNS Port 53
HTTP Port 80
NTP Port 123
LDAP Port 389
HTTPS Port 443
LDAPS Port 636
FTPS Port 989 & 990
Radius Port 1812
RDP Port 3389
The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is a directory service protocol that runs on a layer above the TCP/IP stack. It provides a mechanism used to connect to, search, and modify Internet directories. Service is based on a client-server model LDAP
Same as Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, except with secure information transfer LDAPS
Network Time Protocol NTP
File Transfer Protocol - secure, however, it's just an addition onto FTP, completely different from SFTP FTPS
Baseline help establish pattern of use that later help identify variations that identify unauthorized access attempts
Smart Cards - often used with personal identification use embedded systems with an OS included on chip
Waterfall Software Development Life Cycle SDLC model starts with defined requirements & well-developed plan, adjustments confined to the current development stage
Agile Software Development Life Cycle SDLC model starts with less rigorous guidelines and allows for adjustments during the entire process
Secure DevOps Includes security in the SDLC ensuring that secuirty is built in during the deveopment process
CI server server that compiles, builds and tests each new version of code committed to central repository without user interaction - continual integration
Immutability An approach to upgrading & change management. A new version (usually virtual) is created, and once working well, the original will be deleted. V1, V2. no v1.5/1.6 etc...
Static Code Analysis white box software testing process by which semi-random is injected into a program or protocol stack to detect bugs
Dynamic Code Analysis Based on observing how code behaves during execution
Fuzzing black box software testing process by which semi-random data is injected into a program or protocol stack to detect bugs
Public Cloud cloud that provides shared resources over the internet
SAAS Sdelivery of a licensed application to customers over the internet for use as a service on demand - zendesk, paypal and facebook are examples of this cloud model
IAAS delivery of computer infrastructure in a hosted service model: Amazon EC2, Rackspace, digital ocean are examples of this cloud model
PAAS delivery of a computing platform, often an operating system with associated services, over the internet without downloads or installation Salesforce, heroku
hypervisor software or hardware layer layer that permits the many use of OS or different OS on the same independent of each other
Type I Hypervisor virtual OS platform that runds directly on a hardware environment t doesn't have to load an underlying OS first
CASB Cloud Access Security Broker - address security requirements such as visibility, data protection, threat protection and compliance across public cloud services
Scabality based on capability to handle the changing needs of a system within the confines of current resources
Elasticity capability to expand and reduce resources as needed at any given point in time
Raid 0 Raid with no fault tolerance
Raid 1 Raid with mirroring and duplexing
Raid 5 Independent data disk with distributed parity blocks -Longer rebuild times are one of the major drawbacks
Raid 10 Requires min of 4 disks, disk 1 & 2 are Raid 1, disk 3 & 4 are also Raid 1. Together Raid 1 and second Raid 1 are Raid 0
Physical detective controls motion detectors, CCTV Monitors & alarms
Mantrap holding area between two entry points where one door cannot be unlocked/opened until opposite door has been locked and closed
HVAC System Overcooling with this air system causes condensation, over heating causes excessive static
Wet Pipe Fire Suppression System A typical indoor sprinkler system using water
Dry Pipe Fire Suppression System Instead of water for sprinklers, pipes are filled with pressurized air
Class A Fires trash, wood and paper decrease temperature of fire and extinguishes blaze
Class B Fires Fires usually extinguished with foam, fueled by liquids, gases or grease. Foam quenches oxygen supply.
Class C Fires Fires characterized by energized by electrical equipment, electrical fires, burning wires) - put out using extinguishers based on Carbon Dioxide
PDS A protective distribution system also called protected distribution system,makes physicall access difficult by enclosing equipment and electronic access difficult by using different cables and patch panels
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