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Stamp,Tea, Intolerab

What are some items that were taxed? important documents, playing cards, newspaper
What did Great Britain do to the colonist when they thought the colonies needed to help pay for expenses related to the protection of the colonies during the French and Indian War. England taxed the colonist
Why did Great Britain need the colonist to pay taxes? The British needed money to pay for wars they had fought.
How did the British raise money? England taxed all products made of paper
What is a tax? money the government collects from people
Which Act was the first direct tax that Great Britain placed on the colonies and was placed on such items such as newspapers, playing cards, and legal documents? Stamp Act
What was said when colonists thought the taxes on paper products were unfair and they had no one to speak up on their behalf? “no taxation without representation”
What caused colonist to say " no taxation without representation?" Great Britain made them pay taxes on paper prodects and did not allow the colonist to make any decisions about this rule.
Why did the colonists have to pay to have a stamp put on all paper items? the English passed the Stamp Act
What game was affected by the Stamp Act? card games
How did the colonists fight the Stamp Act? they boycotted or stopped buying products
What What favorite drink did the colonist boycott? tea
What ACT was a result of the colonist being mad about the Stamp Act? Tea Act
What did South Carolina do to boycott tea? In Charleston, the tea was stored in a warehouse and not allowed to be sold
The way the colonists in Boston, Massachusetts, and Charleston acted over the tax on tea was called the Boston Tea Party
What did Boston do to boycott tea? they dressed up in costumes loaded tea onto ships and dumped tea into the harbor
England passed laws to punish Boston known as the Coercive Acts. What did the colonists call these laws? Intolerable Act
How did the colonist show the British they were upset with the tax on tea? The colonist held “tea parties”
Who was the Commander of the newly formed Continental Army? George Washington
How did the Intolerable Act cause problems for Boston? The laws closed the ports so goods could not be shipped in or out
How did the Intolerable Act cause problems for Boston ability to have meetings? The Intolerable Act took the right to self government away from the people of Massachusetts by dissolving theircolonial assembly.
What did the first Continental Congress do that caused the Revolutionary War begin? The first Continental Congress advised the colonies to establish militias and arm themselves.
What did the colonists do that caused the Revolutionary War? The colonists started another boycott of trade with Great Britain.
What did the British troops in Boston do to cause the Revolutionary War? British troops in Boston heard that the people of Lexington and Concord had arms and ammunition and marched to those towns and shots were fired.
In what towns did the Revolutionary War take place? Lexington and Concord
In what month and year did the Second Continental Congress issue a declaration establishing the United States of America? July 1776
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
Complete the declaration of Independence. All ____________ are created ______________” and have the right to “__________, liberty and the pursuit of __________________.” men equally life happiness
What did SC do to assist or help Boston after the Intolerable Acts were established? SC sent rice and money
Name three things that Great Britain establish to make the colonist help pay for the war. 1) the stamp Act 2) The tea Act 3) the intolerable Act
Why did SC help Boston after the Intolerable Acts were established? SC helped Boston because the British closed the port of Boston and they could not get food or supplies
How did SC help with the Tea Parties? SC stored tea in warehouses and did not drink, use or sell the tea
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