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Acute Inflammation

vascular events, cellular events, inflammatory mediators

Sequence of vascular events transient vasoconstriction persistent progressive vasodilatation increased local hydrostatic pressure slowing or stasis
triple response red line flare wheal
Starling's hypothesis outward inward movements
mediators in vascular events interleukins TNF- alpha histamines bradykinins VEGF
PHASES OF CELLULAR EVENTS exudation of leucocytes phagocytosis
changes in migration of leucocytes are: margination and pavementing rolling and adhesion emigration chemotaxis
mediators in migration of leucocytes are: selectins, integrins , immunoglobulins, leukotrienes, cytokines, complement system components
different types of selectins and their roles E- SELECTIN : endothelial selectins (rolling) P- SELECTIN : platelet selectins (rolling and adhesion) L-SELECTINS: Lymphocytes (homing of circulating lymphocytes to endo. cells in lymph nodes)
different immunoglobulin and their roles ICAM-1 : intercellular adhesion molecule VCAM-1: vascular cell adhesion molecule PECAM - 1 : platelet endothelial cell adhesion molecule
define DIAPEDESIS escape of RBC'S through endothelial gaps between endothelial cells is known as DIAPEDESIS.
name few CHEMOTACTIC AGENTS leukotrienes ( LT- B4) cytokines (IL- 8) components of complement system(C5a, C3a) soluble bacterial products
define phagocytosis process of engulfment of solid particulate material by cells.
2 types of phagocytic cells 1. PMNs 2. macrophages
steps in phagocytosis 1. recognition and attachment 2. engulfment 3. killing and degradation
name the proteolytic enzymes involved in the process of phagocytosis lysozyme, protese, collagenase, elastase, lipase
what are OPSONINS? specific protein coated microorganisms
opsonisation? a bond established between the cell bacteria and cell membrane of phagocytic cell.
name the opsonins which are present during phagocytosis IgG OPSONIN C3bOPSONIN LECTIN
name the locomotive agent during engulfment cytoplasmic pseudopods
MPO expand?? Myeloperoxidase
intracellular mechanism in phagocytosis include: oxygen reduced to superoxide ion ( in the presence of NADPH - oxidase) superoxide converted to H2O2 ( in the presence of MPO) hypophalous acid formed
describe HABER-WEISS reaction and FENTON reaction H2O2----- OH- (in the presence of O2') H2O2-------------- OH- (in the presence of Fe++)
name the free radical in non - oxidative bactericidal mechanism NITRIC OXIDE
Name the inflammatory mediators histamine prostaglandins and leukotrienes cytokines complement proteins kinins
name an Arachnoid acid metabolite for vasoconstriction THROMBOXANE A2
Created by: Dt. Anjali
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