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Social Studies Test

The decision for statehood

State Rights Individual rights that states have
What did those in favor of statehood want? A stronger voice in the nations capital and more rights dealing with the government.
What did those that opposed statehood feel would happen? That statehood only benefited planters who could afford to pay high taxes.
What was the population of Arkansas in 1836? 52, 240
What issues divided the Convention of 1836? Slavery/slave owners
Planters A small group of wealthy of wealthy men with large amounts of land.
Plantations A large farm devoted to production of a chief crop.
Upland Counties Family farms and few slaves
How was representation decided upon for the General Assembly? South East had more senate reps. and North West gets more house reps.
What two ways did the Constitution get to Washington The delegates picked Charles Holland of Batesville to deliver it.
Arkansas was what number state admitted to the union? 25th
When was Arkansas admitted to the union? June 15th 1836
Who signed the act into law? Andrew Jackson
When was the first constitution completed? January 30th, 1836
What were two statements regarding the Arkansas Government? The governor had to be at least 30, and would serve 4 year terms. Voting was limited to free white adult males.
Levied To impose or put upon
Poll tax A tax put on individuals in order to vote
Who supported the Democrats? The wealthy
Who supported the Whigs? 1/3 of seats in house and senate
Elite A small wealthy, and powerful group of individuals
Who won all offices during the first election? Democrats/family
Governor James Conway
Who was Archibald Yell One of the most popular politicians in Arkansas
Arsenal Storage or repair place for firearms or other weapons.
What was the serious obstacle to growth in Arkansas The lack of capital
What was the panic of 1837 When specie circular went into affect the Panic of 1837 took place.
Capital Money available for investment , construction, or expansion of business
Credit The provision of money, goods or services with the expectation of future business.
Assessor One who determines the value of land or another property
Specie Hard currency, namely gold and silver, as opposed to paper money
Common School Law A law specifying that public lands be set aside and sold to raise cash to build schools.
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