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Early Republic


What did the North and the South fight about? Slavery/North didn't want slavery vs South wanted slavery
What did the people at the Constitutional Convention ask the people to do? Constitutional Convention promised not to discuss or end slavery trade until 1808
What did people in Pennsylvania and New York ask congress to do? Quakers from Pennsylvania and New York sent a petition to Congress asking for there to be an immediate end to the slave trade
Why did the South need slavery? Southern states needed slavery more because of where they lived and they needed them more because they were needed to do work on the fields South had agricultural economy used slaves as their labor force. The North had trade based economy
Who needed slavery more? The South
Who said that slavery could not be banned? Congress said the federal government could not ban the law of slavery signed by Ben Franklin
What is the Federal Judiciary Act of 1789? An act to establish the Judicial Courts of the United States including the lower courts
Why did John Adams dislike his job? Adams felt left out since George Washington never asked for his opinion in government matters
What did George Washington think of John Adams? He was an annoying and loudly opinionated politician and also he did not ever have a discussion much with his Vice President, a legacy many Presidents seem to follow
What did Hamilton think of the banks? He thinks they should have a national bank
What did Jefferson think of the banks? He thinks they should have state banks
Why did Jefferson not like the national bank? Distrusted the bank because he believed it would strengthen the power of the federal government Bank was unconstitutional under strict interpretation of the constitution
What did Hamilton argue about the bank? Argued that the bank was constitutional
What idea did Washington choose for a bank? Hamilton idea- National bank
Precedent A model or exemplar for future actions
Who were the cabinet members and jobs? Secretary of War Henry Knox, Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton, and Attorney General Edmund Randolph
What does Sperm G stand for? S- Social P- Political E- Economic R- Religious M- Military G- Geography
Social Slaves Socially accepted in the South, The North didn’t like slavery
Political Slaves Politicians fought over slavery
Economic Slaves The North didn’t need slaves since they had a trade based economy and the South had an agricultural economy and wanted the work done by slaves
Religious Slaves Quakers were against slavery In the South, slavery was acceptable because it was in the Bible
Military Slaves Militarily there was no effect
Geography Slaves Southern states needed slaves, Northern states didn’t need slaves
Alexander Hamilton “ Political Horse Trade” Alexander Hamilton promised Thomas Jefferson and James Madison he would convince congressmen to vote for building the nation’s capital in the South. This would be in exchange for his plan for the federal government to pay the debt of the states.
Created by: jschwartzman
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