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Unit 3 Test

for Raville's classes only !

George Washington 1st President
James Monroe 5th President
XYZ Affair An incident in which french agents attempted to get a bribe and loans from US diplomats in exchange for an agreement that French privateers would no longer attack American ships. It led to an undeclared Naval War between the two countries. (1797 – 1798)
Marbury vs Madison U.S. Supreme Court case that established the principle of judicial review in the United Statesmeaning that American courts have the power to strike down laws, statutes, and some government actions that violate the Constitution of the United States. (1803)
Missouri Compromise admitted Missouri as a slave state and Maine as a free state, and prohibited slavery in territory that later became Kansas and Nebraska. (1820)
Nationalism a strong attachment to a particular country , or nation.
John Adams 2nd President
Andrew Jackson 7th President
Precedent a standard
Alien and Sedation Act when you can't say anything negative about the government; violated first amendment (1798)
Era of Good Feelings A period in the political history of the United States that reflected a sense of national purpose and a desire for unity among Americans in the aftermath of the War of 1812 (1815 – 1825)
Tariff tax on imported goods
Thomas Jefferson 3rd President
War of 1812 the second war between the United States and Great Britain. (1812)
Louisiana Purchase gave the U.S. control of the Mississippi River and the port city of New Orleans and was purchased in 1803 (1803)
Indian Removal Act law authorized for the president to negotiate with southern Native American tribes for their removal to federal territory west of the Mississippi River (1830)
Cabinet body of high-ranking state officials
Term Limit legal restriction that limits the number of terms an officeholder may serve in a particular elected office.
James Madison 4th President
Embargo an official ban on trade or other commercial activity with a particular country.
Lewis and Clark the first American expedition to cross the western portion of the United States.(1804-1806)
Trail of Tears forced relocations of approximately 60,000 Native Americans in the United States (1831)
Political Parties an organized group of people who have the same ideology
Monroe Doctorine a United States policy which opposed European colonialism in the Americas. (1823)
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