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Chapter 11 and 12

hobos homeless wanderers who often rode the rails
black Tuesday stock market crash
bank run many depositors withdrawing money at once
okies migrants headed West in search of better lives
Groucho Marx comic star of stage and screen who was one of the many people wiped out financially in the stock market crash
Douglas MacArthur led the troops that dispersed the bonus army
Vivian Leigh actress who played the heroin in gone with the wind
John Steinback wrote the grapes of wrath, about a family fleeing the dust bowl
Speculation investing in the stock market hoping for a quick profit
Budget Deficit spending more many than is collected in taxes
Civilian Conservation Corps offered unemployed young men work planting trees, fighting Forrest fires, and building preserves
Wagner act set up process whereby satisfied union members could take their complaints to binding arbitration
National Industrial Recovery Act promoted codes of fair competition
Committee for Industrial Organization started with union auto workers
Huey Long Louisiana senator who championed the downtrodden and built a powerful and corrupt political machine
Harry Hopkins head of federal emergency relief administration and later the works progress administration
John L. Lewis leader of the united mine workers
National Recovery Administration Urged costumers to buy goods only from companies that displayed its blue eagle sign
Henry Morgenthau treasury secretary who favored balancing the budget
Francis Townsend proposed a monthly government pension for citizens over age 60 to be entirely spend by the end of the month
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