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Government -Day15-19


Habeas Corpus A court order to release a person accused of a crime to court to determine whether s/he has been legally detained
Bills of Attainder Laws that establish guilt and punish people w/o trial
Ex Post Facto Laws They cannot criminalize an act that was legal when it was committed
Revenue Bills A law of raising money
Appropriations Bills A proposed law to authorize spending money
Authorization Bill A bill that establishes a program and says how much can be spent on the program
Congress has the power to borrow money to pay for government costs Bonds
Congress can authorize interstate commerce Gibbons v. Ogden
War Powers Act Limits the president's power to send troops
Congress has the power over Naturalization (the process in which immigrant become citizens)/ Can grant copyrights and patents/ Can declare war
Impeachment The formal accusation of misconduct in office
The Senate Needs to approve presidential appointments to office/ Ratifies treaties w/ other nations/ Has the power to amend the Constitution
Private Bills Deal w/ individual people or places
Public Bills Involve general matters and apply to the entire nation
Joint Resolution Passed in the same form by both houses
Simple Resolution Covers after affecting only one house of Congress and if passed by that house alone
Concurrent Resolution Covers matters requiring the action of the House and Senate but on which a law is not needed
Subpoena A legal order that a person appear or produce requested documents
Perjury Lying under oath
Contempt Willful obstruction of justice
Immunity Freedom from prosecution for witnesses whose testimony ties them to illegal acts
Legislative Veto Allows Congress to review and cancel actions of executive agencies
Regular Session Either annual or biennial
Special Session A specifically called meeting to deal with pressing matters
Blanket Primary A primary in which all candidates are placed on the same primary ballot, regardless of party
A bill Must be introduced by a member of the legislature / Can be introduced in either house
Public Policy A plan of action adopted by government decision makers to solve a problem or reach a goal
Voting Laws The first voter ID laws were enacted in 2003/ Opponents of these laws have argued that this is unfair to the poor and elderly
Environmental Some states use fracking to access fossil fuels more easily/ States can regulate issues affecting the environment
Voucher System Students are able to apply the funding the state would have paid for their education in a public school to a tuition at a private school
Justice Reinvention Programs Reentry programs that help felons make the move from prison back into the community
Land Use and Zoning Zoning specifies how land in particular parts of the city can be used
Residential, Commercial, Mixed residential-commercial, Industrial Four types of zoning ordinances
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