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OCS AH2 M3L2 Vocab

Things and Concepts

Alliance An agreement between countries to protect each other if one country is attacked
Militarism When one country builds it military for the purpose of intimidating other countries
Assassination Murdering someone in a surprise attack for political reasons
Propaganda Information that is exaggerated or biased to convince people to support a cause
Peace Without Victory This meant that the Allies would not punish Germany for the war.
Armistice An agreement to stop fighting while peace is reached
The Fourteen Points President Wilson's peace proposal
Victory Garden Areas set aside in yards to grow food for people at home so that foods from big farms could go to soldiers
League of Nations An organization in which countries would talk about their differences instead of going to war
Nationalism The belief that your country or culture is better than other countries or cultures
Neutrality When a country refuses to take sides in a disagreement or conflict between other countries
Moral Diplomacy Favored by President Wilson: the belief that America should promote democracy or moral progress in other lands
Telegram A message sent by electric wire and then delivered in written or printed form
Conflict A disagreement
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