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Social Studies Grade

??Module 6 The Progressive Movement

Political Machine Powerful organizations influenced city and county political parties in the late 1880s
Progressive Group of reformers who worked to improve social and political problems in the 1880s
Muckrakers Term coined for journalists who "raked up" and expose corruption and problems of the societies
Seventeenth Amendment A constitutional amendment allowing voters to directly elect a senator
Recall Vote to remove an official from office
Initiative a method of allowing voters to propose a new law if enough signatures are collected on a petition
Referendum A procedure that allows voters to vote to approve or repeal a law already approved or passed by the government
Robert M. La Follette
Triangle Shirtwaist Fire A fire that started in a factory in New York City and killed 146 workers died because they were trapped. Later, new safety laws were enacted.
Worker's Compassion Laws Laws that guarantee that a person injured on the job will receive a portion of their wages
Capitalisms A s economic system in which private businesses run most of the industries
Socialism An economic system in which the government owns and operates a country's means of production
William "Big Bill" Haywood One of the leaders of the Industrial Workers of the Word, a socialist labor activities in the early 1900s.
Eighteenth Amendment A Consitutional Amendment added in 1919 that outlawed the production and sell ot alcoholic beverages in the United States, which was repealed in 1933
National American Woman's Suffrage Association An organization founded by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anothy in 1890 to obtain women's right to vote
Alice Paul American social reformer, suffragist, and activits she was founder of the organtzation that later became the National Womem's Party (NWP) that would win women's suffrage.
Nineteenth Amendment A constitutional amendment that gave women the right to vote
Booker T. Washington African American educational and civil rights leader who was born into slavery and later became the head of Tuskegee University for Career Training of African Americans. He was an advocate of social changes.
W.E.B. Du Bois An African American leader who was a writer, editor. and a teacher. He established the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) which is a social group that helps people win their civil rights.
Twenty-sixth president after William McKinley was assassinated Roosevelt organized the first volunteer cavalry regiment known as the Rough Riders who fought in Cuba during the Spanish American War. As president he acquired the Panama Canal. He established the Roosevelt Corollary, making the United States the defender of the Western Hemisphere. .
The Pure Food and Drug Act A law that sets regularity standards for industries in preparing food and medicine
Conservation The planned managements of national resources
William Howard Taft Twenty-seventh president of the United States. He angered Progressives by making cautious reforms. He supported the Payne-Aldridge Tariff. He was defeated for the second term.
Progressive Party A short lived political action that attempted to institute social reforms.
Woodrow Wilson Twenty-eighth United States President whose reform legislation was given the name New Freed0m, and it included three constitutional direction of senators and women s Suffragettes.. He created the Federal Reserve System, and he enacted the child labor laws.
Sixteenth Amendment An amendment to the Constitution that allowed citizen's to be taxed
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