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When did WWI take place? 1914-1918
What event started WWI? The Archduke of Austria-Hungary was assassinated by a Serbian man.
What is militarism? Countries competing to build the strongest army.
What are alliances? Agreements between countries to help each other in war.
What is imperialism? Building empires by conquering weaker lands.
What is nationalism? The belief that one's own country is better than others.
Which countries made up the Central Powers? (bad guys) Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey
Which countries made up the Allied Powers? (good guys) Great Britain, France, Italy, U.S., Russia
Major fighting strategy of WWI? Trench warfare
What were the 3 events that led to the U.S. entering WWI? 1) Germany sinking The Lusitania passenger ship. 2) Germany sinking U.S. merchant ships. 3) The Zimmerman note Germany sent to Mexico.
What were the new technologies and weapons used for the first time in WWI? airplanes, tanks, machine guns, submarines, poison gas
Air combat between to planes was known as? Dogfights
Dangers of living in trenches? lack of food and water, disease, discomfort, fear, depression, boredom
How did the U.S. get ready to join the war quickly? Citizens were asked to eat less, railroads and factories were taken over by gov't, draft was created.
How many Europeans died as a result of WWI? 20 million
What other event in 1918 caused millions more deaths worldwide? The Spanish Influenza
What was President Woodrow Wilson's peace agreement called? The Fourteen Points
The Fourteen Points said: 1)Treaties between nations could not contain secret parts 2) Freedom of the seas 3) Boundaries of countries in Europe would be redrawn 4)The League of Nations created (later became the United Nations)
What treaty officially ended WWI? Treaty of Versailles 1919
What was Germany ordered to pay after the war? $33 billion in reparations
Created by: jonitsmith
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