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prison 3

2nd poet laureate of England nahum tate
Gallic disease syphilis
Lesions called chancres syphilis
Granulomas called gummas syphilis
Treponima palladium causes syphilis
Treponima palladium shape is spirochete
Berenger rhinoceros
Old Man and Old woman chairs
The chairs Ionesco
Suspend habeas corpus Lincoln
Habeas corpus’ constitutionality was challenged ex parte milligan
Trying civilians under military tribunals is not constitutional ex parte milligan
Star Routes Scandal Garfield
Argued against ex parte milligan; from ohio; civil war general Garfield
Jesus’s first aposte and leader peter
First pope, crucified upside down peter
First pope peter
Speared in india Thomas
Crucified on diagonal cross Andrew
Students were Anton Webern and John Cage Schoenberg
Leader of second Viennese school Schoenberg
Five pieces for orchestra Schoenberg
Transfigured night Schoenberg
Pierrot Lunaire Schoenberg
Moses und Aron Schoenberg
Student was Berg Schoenberg
Lulu Berg
Wozzeck Berg
Daniel steals shotgun from Bam July’s People
Smales family July’s People
Beethoven was one sixteenth black
The conservationist gordimer
July’s people gordimer
Colonel Joll Waiting for the barbarians
Waiting for the barbarians Coetzee
David Lurie Disgrace
Disgrace Coetzee
Landscape with the burial of phocion poussin
Art in arcadia ego poussin
Venus at the mirror rubens
Marie de medici cycle rubens
Balsa wood raft kon tiki
Kon tiki Heyerdahl
Hyerdhal go in papyrus boat from morocco to caribe ra
White tower tower of londong
Built by wil da conqueror tower of London
Two sons of Edward IV imprisoned by Richard 3 tower of lodnon
Fortreses in Russia are kremlin
Black, violet, scarlet, white allotropes phosphorus
Carbon nanotubes fullerenes
Allotrope coined by brezelius
Catalyst and polymer coined by brezelius
Law of constant proportions Brezelius
Found silicon brezelius
The light that failed kipling
Daniel Dravot the man who would be king
Peachey Camehan The man who would be king
The man who would be king kipling
Rewards and Fairies kipling
Poem in rewards and fairies If
Income distribution Lorenz
Gini coefficient Lorenz
L’Orfeo Monteverdi
Coronation of poppea Monteverdi
First opera made Dafne
Succeeded Pieter Botha de Klerk
Pan africanist congress fired upon Sharpeville
Book For All andNone Thus Spoke Zarathustra
Ubermensch thus spoke Zarathustra
University of Basel Nietzche
The Birth of Tragedy Nietzche
Beyond Good and Evil Nietzche
Sudetenland Czechoslovakia
Prague Spring Czechoslovakia
Socialism with a human face Dubcek
Action Programme Dubcek
Communist gov. of Czechoslovakia was overthrown velvet resolution
Peyton Farquhar occurrence at owl creek bridge
Ambrose bierce occurrence at owl creek bridge
wife is faith; young goodman brown
young goodman brown hawthorne
pogo party and noam Chomsky support anarchism
What is Property? Proudhon
The eighteenth brumaire of Louis Napoleon marx
Critique of the gotha program marx
Henry inductance
Proportionality between electromotive force and change in electric current inductance
Electromotive force produced by induction is proportional to rate of magnetic flux Faraday
Discoverer of electromagnetic induction; unite of capacitance faraday
Direction of electromotive force opposite change in magnetic flux lenz
Created by: kiler10z
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