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A New Nation-LS. 1-4

A Nation Nation-LS. 1-4

When the colonies won their independents from England, what government did they depended on to united them and support them after the war was over? The Continental Congress
What new government was developed to start the “New Nation” of U.S.A.? The Articles of Confederation
What was the only branch of government that the Articles of Confederation have to work with in congress? The Legislative Branch
What were the only 4 set of powers that the Articles of Confederation could only do in government? 1. Declare war, 2. make peace with other nations, 3. coin and borrow money, 4. regulate Native American affairs.
What was the name of the person that led 700, then later it grew to 4,000 farmers, in the state of Massachusetts against its courts and its state government? Daniel Shays
Shay’s Rebellion only showed that the federal and state governments had no control in what (3) areas of the U.S.A. government? 1. No real army to stop violent internal revolts, 2. No political power to regulate state taxes, 3. No way to regulate state economies.
In what way was Shays’ rebellion stopped in 1787 in the state of Massachusetts? It was put down from an army of 4,000 militia soldiers
In Philadelphia, how many delegates met together to fix the Articles of Confederation because it had no power to stop problems in the U.S.A.? 55 state delegates
What were the 3 new ideas did the delegates fixed that the Articles of Confederation needed badly? 1. The new 3 branches government, 2. A New Constitution, 3. The “Bill of Rights” for the people that was added later.
Who were some of the major people that helped in the Constitutional Convention? 1. Benjamin Franklin, 2. Patrick Henry, 3. George Washington, 4. Alexander Hamilton, 5. James Madison, 6. Roger Sherman, 7. William Paterson
Who was the Virginian patriot that didn’t attend the Constitutional Convention, because he was against the federal government getting any major political power? Patrick Henry
Who was the president that was selected for the Constitutional Convention? George Washington
What plan was only going to benefit the large states in political and economic taxes? The Virginia Plan (Big state populations)
What plan was only going to benefit the small states in political and economic taxes which the large states didn’t like? The New Jersey Plan (Small state populations)
What plan of action finally made both the Virginia Plan and New Jersey Plan come together to become an agreement? The Great Compromise
Who was the delegate that introduced the Great Compromise in the Constitutional Convention? Roger Sherman
Who was the person that introduce the Virginia Plan in the Constitutional Convention? Edmund Randolph
Who was the person that introduce the New Jersey Plan in the Constitutional Convention? William Paterson
The Southern States hated the idea that the Northern States could have more population representation, how was this problem solved for the Southern States? 3/5 Compromise
What are the 3 branches of governments that were developed in the Constitutional Convention? 1. Legislative Branch (Congress), 2. Executive Branch (President), 3. Judicial Branch (Supreme Court)
How did the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches balance themselves? From Checks and Balances
What are the two governments that have to work together to create a strong government? State Government and Federal Government
What is it called when state and federal government have politic power that is joint together? Shared Powers/Concurrent Powers
People that are for the “Constitution” and a strong central government are known as what? Federalist
People that are not for the “Constitution” and only want a strong state government are known as what? Anti-Federalist
Who were 3 government delegates that were for the Constitution and describe the Articles of Confederation as a weak government? 1. Alexander Hamilton, 2. James Madison, 3. John Jay
Which 3 government delegates were against the Constitution and were describing the impossibility of laws passing to all states and that the federal government would take state powers away? 1. Patrick Henry , 2. George Mason, 3. Thomas Jefferson
Even though Thomas Jefferson was a Anti-Federalist, what important factor did he stated that all people need to protect themselves from any government? A Bill of Rights
What was the name of the 1st state that the Constitution of the U.S.A. was ratified? Delaware
When the Constitution was being ratified in Massachusetts, they were not going to accept, why? It didn’t have a Bill of Rights for the people.
When the “Bill of Rights” was finally added to the Constitution, when did it go into effect? December 15, 1791
What is considered the “Law of the land” in the U.S.A.? Constitution of the USA
What does the constitution talk about? Popular Sovereignty (The people have the power)
What was started by the Greek culture that is still being used today in USA? Democracy
What does the more “PERFECT” union refer to in the Constitution of the USA.? The future leaders of America strengthening and unifying the nation.
How do Park Rangers in the U.S. parks take care of the national parks? 1. They take care parks from litter, 2. Defaced monuments, 3. Educate people about the importance of park safety.
What does EPA stand for in the national government? Environmental Protection Agency
What are the six military forces that the U.S. government has for its protection? Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, & National Guard
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