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History Cold War

1945 - 1992

Yalta Conference - Date? 4th February 1945
Potsdam Conference - Date? 17th July - 2nd August 1945
When did Albania, Bulgaria and East Germany turn communist 1945
When was Kennan's long telegram 22nd February 1946
When was Iron Curtain speech 5th March 1946
When was Cominform established 5th October 1947
When was Greek Civil War 1946-1949
When was Berlin Blockade 24th June - 12th May 1949
When was Formation of NATO 4th April 1949
When was Warsaw pact 1955
When was San Francisco Peace Treaty September 8th 1951
When was the White Paper 1949
When was defensive perimeter strategy 1950
When was NSC-68 1950
When was the Korean War 1950-1953
When was Geneva Conference 26th April - 21st July 1954
When was the U2 incident and how many days before the Paris Summit 1st May 1960 - 13 days before the Paris Summit
When was the Vienna Summit June 1961
When was the Berlin Wall made August 13th 1961
Vietnam War dates 1954 - 1975 1959 - first US soldier killed
Moscow Summit date May 1972
Vladivostok Summit date November 1974
When did West Germany sign a treaty with Poland that recognised the post-war Oder Neisse border December 1970
SALT I talk dates 26th May 1962
Four Power Agreement date 1971
When did Nixon visit China May 1972
Paris Peace Accord date January 27th 1973
When was Helsinki Agreement 1st August 1975
SALT 2 dates June 1979
Soviet Invasion of Afghan December 1979
Carter Doctrine 23rd January 1980
How many workers went on strike in Poland 16th Aug 1980 - 300,000
Membership of Solidarity in Poland Over 10 million
When did Wojciech Jaruzelski declare Marshall law in Poland 13th December 1981
How many US passengers on KAL 007 61
When did KAL 007 get shot down 1st September 1983
Who were three members of Angolan Civil War MPLA: Agostinho Neto - USSR BACKED FNLA: Holden Roberto - US BACKED UNITA: Jonas Savimbi - US BACKED
How much did the FNLA received from the US in January 1975 $300,000
January 1976- how many cuban troops 12,000
When was Ethiopian Civil War 12th sept 1974 - 1991
When was Ogaden War July 1977 - 1978
When was Chile Coup 1973 - June 29
When was US intervention in Grenada 25 October - 15 Dec 1983
When was Nicaraguan Revolution 1979-1990
When did Gorbachev become leader 1985-1991
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