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Wordly Wise Lesson 6

Word List 6 Grade 6

apparel The things that are worn by a person; clothing.
appreciate To see the worth or quality of. To increase in value.
continuous Going on without stopping.
dissolve To make or become liquid. To bring or to come to an end.
domesticate To tame; to bring plants or animals under human control.
emerge To come into view; to appear. to become known.
fiber A thin, threadlike part of animal hair or plant tissue. An arrangement of body cells that forms muscles and nerves. A food substance that provides bulk but is not digested.
function To serve a purpose. The special purpose something is used for. An important ceremony or gathering.
hatch To come or to bring forth from an egg. To think up. A small opening with a door or cover.
inhibit To prevent from doing something or to prevent from happening. Held back because of shyness.
minute Very small; tiny.
motion Movement. A suggestion on which members at a meeting must vote. To signal.
sheathe To cover with something that protects.
shed To lose; to give up. To cause to flow. To throw off water without letting it soak through. To send out or give off.
transfer To move, carry, send, or change from one person or place to another. The act of transferring. A ticket used for transferring from one bus or train to another.
Created by: aabaker
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