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8-2.5 Vocabulary

American Revolution in South Carolina Vocabulary

thwart prevent from accomplishing
parole the promise, usually written, of a prisoner of war, that if released, he or she either will return to custody at a specific time or will not again take up arms against his or her captors
rampage violent or destructive behavior that usually results in destruction
quarter mercy or pity (feel sorry or have sympathy)
beleaguered having many troubles
enclaves small group isolated within a larger group
partisan groups civilians who are trained as soldiers, but are not part of the regular army; supporters of the Patriots
Francis Marion, Andrew Pickens, and Thomas Sumter 3 main militia leaders in SC; led partisan troops who frustrated the British with surprise attacks and non traditional warfare; very important to the American victory in the war
Royal Army The army of the British government; also known as the British Regulars; also known as the Redcoats
guerrilla warfare unconventional warfare and combat where ambushes and mobility (advantage and surprise) were used to attack the enemy
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