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5th grade SS review

Manifest Destiny and Civil War Review

The belief that the United States should stretch from ocean to ocean Manifest Destiny
Early wind mills were used for pumping water
One of the main reasons settlers moved west FREE land
Resisted the expansion across their Native territories Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse
Cities near these became major economic centers Railroad Lines
During the 1800s, many immigrants came to the US for this jobs in cities, mainly in factories
Building railroads had this type of negative effect on the environment wiped out herds of buffalo and destroyed their habitats
This began the Civil War the South firing on the North at Fort Sumter
The Civil War began in this year 1861
After the Civil War, even though slaves were "free", they were not given rights until New amendments were ratified to the US Constitution
President of the United States during the Civil War Abraham Lincoln
One of the famous leaders of the Underground Railroad, known for her bravery Harriet Tubman
Made it easy to move goods to markets quickly and cheaply Transcontinental Railroad
American Indians were removed from their land and forced to settle in Indian Territory Indian Removal Act
Those who settled in urban areas faced this overcrowded and polluted city living conditions
The Southern States were for it, but Northern States were against it - unpaid. unlawful ownership of another person slavery
The transcontinental railroad was built mostly by these workers immigrants
A secret network of people and safe houses who helped slaves to escape to freedom Underground Railroad (not an actual railroad)
Who won the Civil War? The Northern States or Union
Created by: jhouse28
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