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3rd grade social stu

Chapter 5 Citizenship

He worked to gain fair and equal treatment for farm workers. Cesar-Chavez
a large meeting convention
She started a school to teach African American girls reading, writing, cooking, and sewing Mary-McLeod-Bethune
an important reason for action cause
who mows a neighbors lawn? good-citizen
Term meaning to be treated equally under the law civil-rights
Where did Susan B Anthony hold the first women's suffrage convention? Seneca-Falls
an action deed
She started the American Red Cross Clara-Barton
Who won the case to end school segregation? Thurgood-Marshall
when workers stops working to demand change strike
person who lives in a community citizen
wanted his daughter to go to the all white public school near his house Reverend-Brown
A group of workers united to to protect their rights union
who helps carry a neighbor's groceries? good-citizen
What is the study of the rights and duties of citizens called? civics
What did Susan B. Anthony do to get herself arrested? vote
A word that means separated segregated
someone who improves the community and helps others without getting paid volunteer
to refuse to purchase goods or services boycott
voting is a citizen's most important right
Group whose mission is to help and care for people all over the world Red-Cross
worked to get women the right to vote Susan-B-Anthony
while at the U.N., Eleanor Roosevelt worked for human-rights
She cared about, children, workers rights, and sick people Eleanor-Roosevelt
the right to vote suffrage
President Roosevelt appointed her to lead the National Youth Administration or NYA Mary-McLeod-Bethune



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