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Civil Right Movement

Civil Rights Movement

What was Brown vs Board of education? NAACP argued having separate schools for blacks and whites is not fair. In 1954, the Supreme Court ruled separate was NOT equal, it was unconstitutional
What Georgia’ Governor opposed the ruling of Brown v Board of Education? Herman Talmadge
Why did Georgia legislators change the flag? Show their feelings about school integration
What did they include? Confederate battle flag
Why did they add the battle flag? Wanted to save segregation in GA schools and the flag was a symbol of GA’s resistance to the integration laws
Why was the commission formed? GA Gov Vandiver wanted to find out what? To find out how Georgians felt about the integration in schools
Who headed it? John Sibley
Minister;Leader in the battle of civil right movement;Used non-violent methods - marches, demonstrations and boycotts;Formed the SCLC;President of SCLC;Led Montgomery Bus Boycott Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Influenced by Dr. King;Volunteered to be part of Freedom Rides;Arrested 40 times during Civil Rights Movement;Is now a writer;Represents Georgia’s 5th Congressional District- U.S. House of Representatives John Lewis
Southern Christian Leadership Conference;Led anti-discrimination marches and protests Used sit-ins;Promoted black voter registration in the South;Gained members across the South that stood up against discrimination SCLC
Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee;Formed by high school and college students;Worked alongside SCLC;Organized sit-ins, marches, boycotts, and freedom rides;Often met with extreme violence SNCC
March on Washington August 1963;Washington D.C.;Message was sent to Congress to vote YES on Civil Right legislation;MLK Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech
Albany Movement Fall of 1961-Summer of 1962;Involved several civil rights organizations including NAACP&SNCC;MLK Jr. came to help & was arrested with protesters;Tactics used:mass demonstration, sit-ins, & boycotts The Albany movement FAILED because it focused on too many things;GOAL-to end all types of segregation in the city
Used nonviolent methods of demonstration;Civil Rights organization were part of the movement;MLK Jr. March on Washington & Albany Movement
What was the Civil Rights Act of 1964? The act prohibited discrimination based on color, race, or religion in places like restaurants, hotels, and theaters. It encouraged the desegregation of public schools, made it illegal to discriminate in employment and prohibited discrimination in the bases of gender
What Georgia Senator opposed the bill? Richard Russell
He opposed it so much, he organized what? A 75-day filibuster (a tactic to delay or stop voting on a bill. Usually done with long speeches or debates.)
Lester Maddox- Good or Bad? Supported prison reform. Allowed “Little People’s Day” citizens were allowed to speak face to face with the governor to help resolve any issues. Increased spending for Georgia’s universities. Put more African American in government jobs Openly supported segregation. Closed his restaurant rather than serve African Americans. Spoke out against the Democratic party when they tried to improve Civil Rights. Believed strongly in states’ rights and segregation
What was the recommendation? Each district should decide the desegregation for themselves. Also recommended the state repeal the laws penalizing integrated schools



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