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old euro tests

AP euro

the Peace of Augsburg did... if the noble of your town was protestant, you were protestant
Ferdinand II was the HRE emperor
Fredrick V was the Protestant king; "winter King"
"defenstration of Prauge" Protestants threw 2 catholic nobles out a 3 story window
Edict of Restitution restored catholic land
Wallenstien was... a catholic general
Gustavous Aldophus was Swedish King and General
phases of the 30 years war Bohemian, Dutch, Swedish, French
What did France do in the 30 yrs war fought for politics, not religon
30 years war effect on European Unity no longer unity in religion- prots would fight prots, caths vs caths
Russia was separated from Europe frozen ports (no trade) and land locked (no communication)
Russian Royalty from 1613-1917 Romanov
representative group ignored by Czar Duma
technologies brought back by Peter I better ships, better buildings, cannon
western changes by Peter I shaven beards and tighter clothes
Peter I's real goal for westernizing Russia gaining power for himself
"windows on the west" St. Petersburg
Country peter fought for land near Baltic Sweden
war with sweden The Great Northern War
Stephen Razin killed many nobles
Leviathan by Hobbes a sea monster from the book Job, telling of the evil man in society
life of man is "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short" -Hobbes
man is an evil individual who needs to be taken care of Hobbes argument for absolute monarch
Two Treatises on Government by Locke man is basically good
"natural law" all men have the right to life, liberty, and property
If the government did not serve society then society has a right to rebel Locke's argument for democracy
Novum Organum by Bacon book on the experimental method (inductive method)
inductive method the general to the details
Empiricism the belief that all science revolves around experimentation
"language of science" the power of mathamatics
Discource on method by Descartes argues that everything is not validated by observation should be doubted
"Cogito ergo sum" "i think therefore i am"- Descartes
Systematic Doubt theory that everything should be doubted (truth is found at the end of experimentation)
Cartesian Dualism everything is divided into spiritual and material essence
Philosophes "students of society"
On the spirit of Laws argued about the powers of government
3 kinds of laws Law of nations, political law, and civil law
3 types of government Despotism, monarchy, democracy
Candide by Voltaire against rigid religion, governmental abuse, and vestiges of medievalism
shameful aspects of society prejudice, superstition, and intolerance
Ecrasez l'infame crush the infamous
Social Contract by Rousseau "man was born free, but his chains are everywhere"
Political Arithmetic by Sir William Petty believed economics arouse from the collection and analysis of statisics
Adam Smith reducing barriers that hinder grought, a nations wealth will increase (governments should not get involved in economics)
Sci rev's reprocussions beyond the realm of pure science changed the ideas of God, religion, and man
infulenced of Bacon and Descartes did not... argue for deductive reasoning
Descartes believed that nature can be reduced to... a mathamatical form
greatest advance in sci rev in... Physics and astronomy
Galileo observed that... planets are were made from the same material as Earth
Newton's greatest discovery universal gravitation
Spinoza not famous for... rejecting humanist thought
"natural law" can be discovered through... power of reasoning (common sense)
Locke emphasized... a sound government was based on right of property
skepticism about history exsisted not because of... Adam (the first man) neither knew nor needed it
Ecrasez l'infame referred to religous bigotry
Enlightenment of the 18th C is referred to... belief that Europe had emerged from a period of darkness
Enlightened veiw of god "watchmaker"- deism
Enlightened ideas are based on the views of... Locke and Hobbes
Least enlightened counrty before 1789 France
Joshep II created _____ to watch over enlightened reforms secret police
Largest free trade area before 1789 France
Fredrick the Great did not... abolish serfdom
Catherine the Great did what for Russian soceity abolished serfdom
Enlightened monarchs do not... emphasize their own divine right
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