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ss review unit 6

true or false: congress can declare war true
true or false: congress can tax false
true or false: congress can establish military true
true or false: congress can coin money true
true or false: congress can regulate trade false
true or false: congress can make laws true
true or false: congress can enforce and interpret laws false
true or false: congress can solve conflicts between states false
true or false: congress can sign treaties and run post office true
what caused shays's rebellion? farmers couldn't pay off their debts and were sent to jail. So they raided the courts to shut them down
what did this show? this showed that congress was too weak to solve major problems under the articles of confederation
how should representation in the leg. branch be decided? the NJ plan (small states) and the VA plan (big states)
what was the solution to the NJ plan and VA plan? the great compromise- two houses, one with the senate (2) and house of reps. (based on pop.)
Should slaves be counted be counted as part of a states pop. ? north said no because had less slaves and South said yes because more slaves equal more reps.
how did they solve the problem with slaves being apart of the pop.? the 3/5 compromise- counted 3/5 of slaves as the population
should congress have the power to ban the slave trade? north says yes and south says no
what was the solution to abolishing the slave trade? wait 20 years
what was separation of powers divides power among three branches so no one has too much power
who makes up the leg. branch congress- senate and house of reps
who makes up the judicial branch supreme court
who makes up the executive branch president
why were checks and balances included in the constitution so the branches can keep each other from having too much power
why was federalism included in the constitution because it divides power between states and federal govt so neither has too much power.
what are the bill of rights protections for individuals
what can the executive do? c- commander in cheif a- appoint government officials n- negotiate treaties e- enforce laws
what can the judicial branch i-interpret laws d- declare laws unconstitutional
can the executive branch tax yes
can the executive branch negotiate trade no they cannot negotiate trade
what is the legislative branch all about? mONEY$$
can the federal govt run the post office yes they can run the post office
do the states have the power for marriage laws yes, they can decide marriage laws
what is one thing that both federal and state could do both build road



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