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civics (16)

chapter 16 review

plaintiff person suing
defendant person being sued
injunction court order to halt a person or a group to stop an action
how are civil cases started? a complaint is filed by a lawyer
order to go to court summons
pleadings complaint by plaintiff and answer from defendant
mediation help both sides come to an agreement. no actual power
arbitration review case and offers a settlement
discovery each side gathers facts before trial
criminal cases punishment for an offense against aperson or society
civil cases a plaintiff claims a loss
who hears a civil case? most likely a judge but sometimes a jury
penal code set punishment for each crime
no contest does not admit guilt
arraignment defendant if he does not admit guilt and will not fight the prosecutions case
plea-bargaining agrees to plead guilty but to a lesser charge
what type of trials can a criminal case have? jury trial of their peers or a bench trial which is just the judge
testimony statement from the witness "the whole truth..."
cross-examine witness mush answer questions from both sides
hung jury jury can't decide
what happens when a jury can't decide? the prosecution must drop charges or get a retrial.
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