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8th Grade 3rd Qtr Test 2020

North Carolina became the South's most industrialized state because of what? expanding textile, furniture and tobacco industries
How did the growth of industry have a profound effect on North Carolina life and culture? it was evidenced by business profits helping to build towns and industries shaped the "working class" by increasing the number of middle-class professionals
Why did mill owners start education and entertainment programs known as "welfare work"? to keep workers from moving so often and to encourage workers to develop habits and goals that would help them thrive in modern industrial life
How did reformers work to make a more orderly, safe and prosperous society? by making efforts to end widespread diseases and addressing housing and sanitation challenges
What was the Plessy v. Ferguson Court ruling? states could legally establish "separate, but equal" institutions for blacks
Why did neutrality prove difficult for the United States? the economy of the US depended on exports to Europe
What were Americans who celebrated their victory in World War 1 forced to face? the problem of pandemic which affected more than 1/4 of Americans
What did the Roaring 20's accomplish? it sparked economic growth and social change
How did the African Americans lead the way in the Great Migration? by finding jobs and better schools in the North, but still facing constant discrimination
What was the 19th Amendment? It gave women the right to vote
In North Carolina, the 1920's could be described as a time when what happened? industry boomed and the farm economy suffered
When did the Great Depression begin? when banks failed, crop prices fell, and thousands of people lost their jobs
Why was the banking system affected by the Great Depression? too many of the people who borrowed money did not repay their loans
What was Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal? It created federally funded jobs for unemployed people



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