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French/LA Revolution

What caused the French Revolution? 1)Enlightment Ideas 2)American Revolution 3)Separation of Powers 4)Limited Central Authority
What did the attack on the Bastille represent? Start of French Revolution, royal power
What were the ideals of the French Revolution? Liberty, Equality, & Brotherhood
What was the Reign of Terror? How was it justified? Period when 1st French Republic was created, followed by executions led by Robespierre to protect from invaders
What changed in France? Directory was established, & French became constitutional republic
How did Napoleon come to power? Coup of 18 Brumaire & early victories in Egypt & Italy
Why did Napoleon's empire collapse? Battle of Waterloo
In what ways did Napoleon's rule SUPPORT the ideals of the French Revolution? Liberty, Equality, & Brotherhood
In what ways did Napoleon's rule DESTROY the ideals of the French Revolution? 1)Building power on structure of revolutionary state 2)Removed aspects of ancient regime 3) Didn't restore old aristocracy
What were the goals of the Congress of Vienna? 1)Protect system of monarchy 2)Balance of power
How did the ideas of the French Revolution lead to Revolutions in Latin America? 1)Showed that people could overthrow unjust monarch 2)Spanish colonization 3)Conquering of Latin American people
Louis XVI King of France, executed by guillotine
Marie Antoinette Queen of France, executed by guillotine
3 Estates Social Classes of France: Clergy, Nobility, Poor
Bourgeoisie 3rd estate, made up of skilled workers & peasants
Estates-General French legislative assembly with representatives of 3 estates
Tennis Court Oath Vowed to write constitution & end absolute monarchy
Declaration of the Rights of Man From national assembly, human civil rights document from French Revolution
National Assembly Establishes more rights & freedoms
Bastille Paris prison that symbolized royal power & start of revolution
Jacobins Pro-revolutionary political organization during revolution
Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite French Revolution Ideals
Committee of Public Safety Ran Reign of Terror
Maximilien Robespierre Leader of France after revolution who executed others with guillotine, tyrant
Reign of Terror Period when Robespierre came to power & guillotined others
Guillotine Used to execute others in Reign of Terror
The Directory 2 House Legislative Body
1st Consul Title held by Napoleon
Napoleon Commander of all French armies
Napoleonic Code 1)All citizens are = in eyes of law 2)Religious tolerance 3)Advancement based off of merit (production/achievements)
Invasion of Russia Napoleon's attempt in defeating Russia
Elba Located in Mediterranean, island where Napoleon was exiled & escaped
Battle of Waterloo Napoleon's final defeat by Wellington
St. Helena Island near Italy where Napoleon was exiled for the rest of his life
Haitian Revolution Led by Louverture to end slavery & gain independence
Latin American Revolutions Countries in Americas gain independence
Toussaint Louverture Led slave rebellion, leader of Haiti, captured by French
Miguel Hidalgo Catholic priest defeated & executed by 6,000 Spanish
Simon Bolivar 1)Leader from Venezuela 2)Most influential 3)Had 6 nations & plaza 4)Died from tuberculosis
Proclamation of 1813 - Decree of War to the Death Allowed murder of anyone born in Spain
Creole Mixed European & black descent
Jose de San Martin 1)Leader from Argentina 2)Fought in campaigns across Europe & Africa 3)1st president of Peru
Monroe Doctrine U.S. Policy which opposed European colonization in Americas
Congress of Vienna Led by Prince Metternich, European nations met in Austria
Prince Klemens von Metternich Led Congress of Vienna
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