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Euro Review

Midterm Review

country that first explored Brazil Portugal
country that first explored Philipeenes Spain
country that first explored Quebec France
country that first explored East Indies Netherlands
country that first explored Hudson Bay England
country that first explored Panama Spain
Capital of Austria Vienna
Capital of Prussia Berlin
Capital of Portugal Lizpin
Capital of Sweden Stockholm
Capital of Scotland Enbero
Artist of Pieta Michelangelo
War started in 1740 Austrian Succession
Edict of Nantes (date) 1598
Charles I was beheaded in... 1648
Spanish Succession started in... 1701
John Knox was from Scotland
artist of Birth of Venus Botticelli
Ruler after Elizabeth I in England James I
Major even in 1492 Spanish Conquista
Battle of Valmy (date) 1792
Artist Sistine Chapel Michelangelo
war in 1770 Spanish Succession
Ruler after Elizabeth I of Russia Cathrine the Great
Battle of Trafalgar (date) 1805
Louis XIV died (date) 1715
Peter the Great died (date) 1725
Henry VIII ruled what country England
Summa Theologica Aquinas
Maids of Honor Velasquez
war in 1646 English Civil War
Ruler after Charles I Charles II
major event in 1555 Peace of Augsburg
John Calvin is from France
Country of the Zwingli Reformation Switzerland
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