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TOEFL words

affable polite and friendly, easy to talk to
ambiguous having more then one meaning
avarice greed
bellicose inclined to fighting
calisthenics exercises to develop strong bodies
concoct invent, prepare by mixing together
doleful dismal, mourful
elucidate to make understandable
flimsy lacking solidarity, strength
gaudy too bright and showy
heretic very busy; active
intrepid fearless
jeopardy danger
mirth being merry and happy
obese very fat
pervade spread through every part of
quenching satisfy, put an end to, put out
rigor sternness, strictness, severe conditions
stifled suppressed, kept back
torpid dull and slow
uproar noise and excitement
vindicate prove the truth
wan looking ill, not bright
Created by: ashima23