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Toefl Vocab 141-160

unmistakable - The markings of the insect provided for an unmistakable identification of the species. clearly able to be determined, indisputable
chaotic - The traffic in Soeul is often chaotic. being in complete disorder and confusion, disorganized
exemplify - The recent downturn in the housing industry exemplifies the poor economic conditions. to give an example, symbolize
gratifying - Studying abroad can be a very gratifying experience. giving pleasure or a feeling of accomplishment, satisfying
launch - The company launched a new program to attract more clients. to cause something to begin, to initiate
span - The span of the bridge is three miles. the length of time or distance from one limit to the other.
stream - There was a constant stream of information coming from the White House. a natural flow of something, a pouring out
striking - His striking move saved the company from bankruptcy. drawing special attention, remarkable
aptly - It was an aptly timed remark. appropriately
marvel - The Great Wall of China is one of the world's marvels. something that surprises or impresses, wonder
measurable - Some personal characteristics, such as good teaching, are hardly measurable. able to determine how much or many, assessable
odd - It is odd to find a person who speaks many languages. unusual, strange
sustained - sustained rainfall is the only hope they have for relief from the drought. continuing in a constant way, remaining strong
tangible - The work of a teacher seldom produces tangible results until years after a student has graduated. real, concrete
tightly - The shirt fits too tightly. being fixed in place; close, leaving no freedom; firmly
aggravating - The aggravating delay was caused by road repairs. making worse, annoying, irritating
conceivable - It is conceivable that humans will travel to distant planets one day. feasible, believable, possible
convert-When boiled, liguids convert into gases. to change from one form or state to another, to alter
curative - The curative properties of certain plants have been well documented. being able to restore to good condition, healing
debilitating - The lack of investment savings has a debilitating effect on the economy. weakening
deplete - She depleted all of her savings to buy the newest iPhone. to use up, reduce greatly, consume
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