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Literary Work

Buddha Charitra Ashvaghosa
Kadambari Banabhatta
Harsha Charita Banabhatta
Dasakumaracarita Dandin
Kavyadarsa Dandin
Prayag Prashasti on Allahabad Pillar inscription Harisena
Geet Govinda (Krishna and Radha) Jayadev
Amoghavarsha Jinasena
Harivamsa Purana Jinasena
Kumarasambhava Kalidasa
Raghuvamsa Kalidasa
Meghdoota Kalidasa
Abhijnana Shakuntalam Kalidasa
Vikramorvashi Kalidasa
Malvikaganimithram Kalidasa
Kavyamimamsa Rajashekhar
Karpuramanjari (written to please his wife in Sauraseni Prakrit) Rajashekhar
Aihole inscription Ravikirti
Mrichchakatikam Shudraka
Thirukkural (Tamil epic) Thiruvalluvar
Mudrarakshasa Vishakhadatta
Ram Charitam Sandhyakar Nandi
Brihatsamhita Varahamihira
Poverty and unbritish rule in india Dadabhai Naoroji
Nil Darpan Dinabandhu Mitra
Nil Darpan translated to English by Michael Madhusudhan Dutta
Meghnad badh Kavya Michael Madhusudhan Dutta
Created by: nwdakhter