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SS Ch. 14 Vocab

Continental Island an island formed centuries ago by the rising and folding of the ocean floor due to tectonic activity
Archipelago a group of islands
High Island a type of island in the Pacific Ocean formed many centuries ago by volcanoes and still having mountainous areas
Low Island a type of island in the Pacific Ocean formed by the buildup of coral
Lagoon a shallow pond near a larger body of water
Atoll a circular shaped island made of coral
Capable having the ability to cause or accomplish an action or an event
Way-finding the system of navigating a foreign place through observation of natural phenomena, such as the movement of the sun and stars
Trust Territory an area temporarily placed under control of another country
Possession an area or a region that is controlled by another country
Distinct separate; easily recognized as separate or different
Pidgin a language formed by combining parts of several different languages
Fale a traditional Samoan home that has no walls, leaving the inside open to cooling ocean breezes
Cash Crop crops grown or gathered to sell for profit.
Resort a vacation place where people go to relax
Collapsing falling or breaking down
Remittances the money sent back to the homeland by people who have gone somewhere else to work
MIRAB economy a lesser-developed economy that depends on aid from foreign countries and remittances from former residents working elsewhere
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