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Social-10 chapter 1

Overall Key Issue For Course To what extent should we embrace globalization
Main issue for part 1 To what extent does globalization influence my life
Points of view What you know to be true based on your individual identities
Perspectives What you know to be true based on your collective identities. A perspective can reflect the outlook of a cultural group, faith, age category, economic group, or language group
Pluralism We respect and value both what individuals have to say from their individual points of view and also what groups have to say from their collective perspective.
Globalization The process of becoming more globally interconnected and interdependent socially, politically, and economically. Some key categories include, trade, people, investment, technology, culture, and ideas among countries
Social The dimension of life that concerns societal and cultural institutions, such as individual, family, and community interactions, mass media, arts, and entertainment, and trend in popular ideas and tastes.
Political The dimension of life that concerns governments’ interactions with individuals, groups, and other governments.
Economic The dimension of life that concerns the production and exchange of goods, services, money, and resources.
Transnational Corporations that operate in two or more contries(also known as MNC’s).
Society A group of people who form an ordered community centred on kinship, an ideology, a religion, a language, or a particular world view.
IMF International Monetary Fund- an agency of the u it’s nations established in 1944 in order to help the world economy by encouraging countries to adopt sound policies affecting exchange rates and currency values. The IMF promotes trade
The world bank Part of the United Nations established 1944 for the purpose of fighting world poverty by promoting economic development
The world trade organization (WTO) Established to promote international fee trade. It helps to reduce trade barriers (tariffs).
Outsourcing A firm tries to reduce costs by locating production facilities in other countries and hiring cheaper foreign workers.
Created by: Layspotatochips



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