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History Re - Do

This is a study guide for the test!

Name the two rivers Chinese civilization centered around? Yahtzee and Haun He - the yellow river
Where were the deserts located in China? North and West
Name the two deserts in China. Gobi and the Taklimakan desert
Describe China’s climate? Areas to lower latitude and warmer
What mountain range separates China from India. The Himalayas
Name the two most important items traded on the Silk Road. Silk and...
What group of people attacked traders on the Silk Road? The Nomads
What was China’s response to repeated invasions from Nomads? To build a series of walls to protect them from the Nomadic people
Name the three main belief systems from China. Confucianism, Buddhism, and Legalism.
Who made Confucianism? Confucius
Who made Daoism? Laozi
What did the followers of Legalism believe in? That rulers had to be strict and punish anybody who does not follow the rules and reward people who do, and that that will build a strong government which will create a strong civilization.
Explain Oracle bones. They would write questions to their ancestors and then burn the oracle bones to get cracks in them. The cracks determined the answer from the ancestors.
What were the five relationships according to Confucianism? Father and son, ruler and subject,husband and wife, older brother and younger brother, and friend and friend
What did the followers of Confucianism believe in? That the rulers had to be respectful and honest to his/her people.
What did people who followed Daoism believe in? That the rulers should not enforce to much rules and the rulers should let people do what they want to do so they can find their inner doa
What was the Dao? The way to find your place in life
What was the book associated with Daoism? Daodejing
Who made Legalism? Han Feizi
Created by: 25217