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Post World War Two

After WWII, Georgia’s agriculture was changed by what? Changed to larger scale production (industrialization), due to new tech like tractors.
Why were fewer farmers needed? New farming equipment and technology were developed
Thousands of displaced farm workers left rural areas and headed to the ______ __________ ____ _____. Cities looking for jobs
As a result of industrialization, Georgia’s agriculture became concentrated on _________, ___________ _______. Fewer, larger farms
Many farmers reduced the number of crops and instead raised what? Poultry and livestock
William Hartsfield Transportation Mayor
Ivan Allen Jr. Entertainment Mayor
Located Atlanta’s 1st airport- it was an abandoned racetrack William Hartsfield
Brought the Braves, Falcons, Hawks Ivan Allen Jr.
Mayor of Atlanta 1962-1970 Ivan Allen Jr.
Mayor from the late 1930’s-1960 William Hartsfield
Airport named after him in 1971 William Hartsfield
Oversaw the development of the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) Ivan Allen Jr.
Mayors of Atlanta William Hartsfield and Ivan Allen Jr.
Oversaw the building of Memorial Arts Cultural center Ivan Allen Jr.
Population grew while he was mayor William Hartsfield
Helped build expressway William Hartsfield
Brought economic success to Atlanta William Hartsfield and Ivan Allen Jr.
What is a white primary? A primary election in which only whites can vote
The 1946 Governor’s race became known as the _______ __________ _____________. Three Governor Controversy
Who died before taking office? Eugene Talmadge
Supporters knew he was sick, so what did they do? They wrote his son’s name, Herman Talmadge, on the ballot
Who refused to accept the General Assembly results? Current governor, Ellis Arnall
What did Arnall do? He resigned so that the newly elected Lt. Governor, Melvin Thompson could take over
In 1947, the Georgia Supreme Court ruled what? The General Assembly actions were wrong and Thompson was legally the Governor
Why was Thompson’s Governorship short? A special election was called in 1948 and Herman Talmadge won!
The General Assembly chose between the two people with the largest number of write in votes and _______ _________ won! Herman Talmadge
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