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Causes of the CW

Causes of the Civil War

Name of someone who wants to end slavery abolitionist
This kept the balance of slave and free states and established the 36"30 parallel (anything North of it is free/any state south is slave). Missouri Compromise
This book upset Northerners because it exposed the horrors of slavery. Uncle Toms Cabin
Lincoln belonged to this political party and supported the abolition of slavery. This party also replaced the Whig Party Republican
These people wanted to secede no matter what. secessionist
John C. Calhoun did not support _________ during the Nullification Crisis. tariffs
What was the first state to secede? South Carolina
_____________ won the election of 1860, even though he did not get many votes from the South. AbrahamLincoln
Author of Uncle Tom's Cabin. Use full name. Harriet Beecher Stowe
Planned to arm slaves by raiding a federal arsenal in Harper's Ferry, VA. JohnBrown
Abolitionist and feminist who was born on a plantation in SC. Angelina Grimke
SC Warhawk who fiercely believed in states' rights and was Vice President. John Calhoun
Planned to kill the governor of Charleston, burn the city, and free all African Americans by boarding a ship to escape. Denmark Vesey
After the Revolutionary War people felt a strong sense of ___________________. Nationalism
The period before the Civil War was the ______________ period. Antebellum
Regional loyalty. Sectionalism
The Missouri Compromise brought in _____________ as a free state. Maine
The Missouri Compromise brought in __________ as a slave state. Missouri
Many people believed in _____________________ ________________, the God given right to expand all the way to the Pacific Coast. Manifest Destiny
SC was upset by the Tariff of Abominations, which led to ________ _________, in which the SC declare the law unconstitutional. Nullification Crisis
During the Compromise of 1850, the government added the ________ ___________ _________, which declared it illegal to help an escaped slave even in a free state. Fugitive Slave Act
A system by which incoming states gets to decide if they will be a free or slave state. popular sovereignty
Things turned violent when a SC man named ______________ beat __________________ unconscious with his cane on the Senate floor. Brooks Sumner
What was the Supreme Court case where the Supreme Court ruled that slaves were not citizens and the Missouri Compromise was unconstitutional? Dredd Scott Decision
SC continued to have tensions with the North and abolitionists, and plan to _______________. seceed
Kansas was known as __________________ because of all the fighting over the issue of slavery. Bleeding Kansas
_______________________ party favored states' rights and slavery. Democratic
The Compromise of 1850 added _____________ as a free state. California
The Compromise of 1850, allowed slavery in the Washington D.C., but outlawed slave ______________. trade
An escaped slave who could read and write and became a speaker and advocate for the abolition of slavery. Fredrick Douglass
Name the three causes of the Civil War . States' Rights, Sectionalism, and Slavery
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