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US constitution

7th grade constitution test

Bail Money paid in order to be realeased from jail awaitting trial.
Census An official count of all the people in the United States.
How often is cenus taken? Every 10 years
checks and balances Each branch is able to “check” each other to make sure no one branch becomes too powerful.
counsel The attourney of the accused
Double Jeopardy You cannot be charged for the same crime twice that you have been found not guilty for.
Eminent Domain The government has the right to take private property, but must pay fair market value for that property.
Ex Post Facto Law You cannot be punished for breaking a law if you performed the action before it was against the law.
Extradition The accused is sent back to the state where he or she committed the crime.
Federalism The division of powers between the federal government and the states.
filibuster To speak endlessly in order to prevent a vote on a bill.
Gerrymandering Redrawing congressional distrect lines in a strange way in order to benifit a particular politicial party.
Indictment When a person is formally charged with a crime.
Pardon forgive people of their crimes), reprieve, or reduce penalties (commutation) against people convicted of federal crimes
Slander A spoken lie.
Sufferage The right to vote.
Treason Making war against your own country.
What’s the difference between expressed, reserved & concurrent powers? The powers granted to the states are reserved powers. The powers granted only to the federal govenment are expressed powers. And the powers granted to both are concurrent powers.
What was the name of our first constitution? The articles of confederation.
What were the limitations of this constitution? Congress denied any powers of taxation, it could only request kmonwy from the states.
What is the difference between Federalists and Anti-Federalists? Federalists suppoerted the constitution and anti federalists were against the constitution.
Where was the Constitutional Convention held? Philidelphia
Who wrote most of the Constitution? James maddison
Explain the Great Compromise Senate would have equal representation
What is the 3/5 Compromise? Slaves count 3 for every 5 for representation and taxes
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