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Ch 10 S.S test

Term / QuestionDefinition / Answer
Custom Duties tax collected on goods that are imported
Jurisdiction the power or right to interpret a law
Secede to withdraw or break away from a nation
Tribute protection money
Neutral Rights freedoms granted to a country that does not choose sides in a conflict
Embargo blocking of trade
Nationalism devotion to one's country
Frigate Warship
Judicial Review power of the Supreme Court to say whether any federal, state, or local law or government action goes against the Constitution
Sacagawea guide for the Pacific
John Marshall Chief Justice
The election of 1800 was decided by who? The House of Representatives
What did the Louisiana Territory do to the United States? doubled it in size
Santo Domingo is what modern day country? Haiti
What disastrous governmental act was ineffective at stopping conflict with Britain and France? Neutral Rights
The president was pressured to declare war on Great Britain by the. . . War Hawks
One of the buildings burned by the British in the War of 1812 was . . . the President's mansion
Who wrote "the Star Spangled Banner" Francis Scott Key
Which man's victories in the War of 1812 later helped him win the presidency Andrew Jackson
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