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World War Two

What were the causes of World War Two? Political instability, economic devastation, and fascism
What is fascism? Total power is given to a dictator and individual freedoms are denied
Axis Powers Germany, Italy, Japan
Allied Powers Great Britain, France, Soviet Union, United States
Who were the fascist dictators? Adolf Hitler(Germany), Benito Mussolini(Italy), Hideki Tojo(Japan)
What did the Lend Lease Act do? Allowed President Roosevelt to lend or lease weapons, food, supplies, and equipment to any country whose defense was important to the U.S.
What were the results of the Lend Lease Act? Gave time to prepare America for war. Established American military bases in Greenland and Iceland to help protect them from German submarine attacks.
What made the U.S. go into World War Two? Japanese airplanes bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
When was Pearl Harbor bombed? December 7, 1941
Who declared war? Congress
Who had a aircraft carrier named after them and was a representative for over 50 years? Carl Vinson
Who was a senator for 7 terms and a Georgia governor for 1 term? Richard Russell
What is now known as Lockheed Martin? Bell Bomber Plant
Who employed many women, African Americans, and unskilled workers? Bell Bomber
What trained many American soldiers for war? Military bases
What was bought due to efforts from Richard Russell and Carl Vinson? Military bases
What are liberty ships? Large transport vessels
What did the shipyards produce? Liberty ships
Shipbuilding offered higher wages than many Georgians ever had, which brought ________ to the state. prosperity
What did the Bell Aircraft Company build? Bell Bomber Plant
Where was the Bell Bomber Plant built? Marietta, GA
What did the Bell Bomber Plant build? B-29 bombers
What made money pour into the state after WWll? Federal money from military bases and industries supporting the war
The Bell Bomber Plant brought many things to Georgia. It gave __________ ________ and ____________ __________, ___________ __________ and ____________ __________. Excellent wages; employed women, African Americans, unskilled workers
What produced B-29 bombers? Bell Bomber Plant
What fort trained more soldiers than any other facility? Fort Benning
What other state has more training facilities than Georgia? Texas
What also held German and Italian POW's(prisoners of war)? Military bases
Who brought military bases to Georgia? Richard Russell and Carl Vinson
Who is nick-named the "Father of the Two-Ocean Navy"? Carl Vinson
Who was a chairman for the powerful Armed Services Committee? Richard Russell
Who brought military installation and federal dollars to GA? Richard Russell
Who developed military programs around the nation? Richard Russell and Carl Vinson



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