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History: E.C.Ireland

What is a monastery? A monastery is a closed, religious community usually made up of monks
The celts
They were pagan. Which means they believed in many different gods, usually gods associated with nature
A pagan is someone who worships various gods, often with a focus on nature or the earth
Druids were spiritual, pagan figures similar to priests in Pre-Christian Celtic Ireland.
They were farmers and warriors who had come from Central Europe and their beliefs were pagan.
Around the 3rd AD
It was Palladius and he came to Ireland in AD 431
St Patrick was brought as a slave from wales to Ireland when he was 16 years old. After 6 years in Ireland he escaped to Britain, but then later came back as a bishop to spread Christianity to Ireland. He worked in Ireland, converting people from AD 432 -
St Enda in around AD 500
Inis Mór, is found in the Aran Islands
What is a monk? Monks are men who dedicate themselves to a religious order and to life in a monastery.
Strict, simple lives
What type of lives did monks live?
Is a book written by hand
St Patrick’s confessio is his book, where he documented his founding of churches and missions
Created by: KMcBride007