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Iran-Modern History

What country in Middle East Asia is enemies with Iran? Saudi Arabia
What are the two main Islamic religions and in which countries are these religions found? Sunni (in Saudi Arabia) and Shi'ite (in Iran).
What was the Sykes-Picot agreement? A secret agreement between Britain and France in 1916.
Is the religion Shi'ite an overall majority or minority? This religion is an overall minority world-wide. About 15% of Muslims world wide are Shi'ite.
What/who are the Shi'ite people governed by? They are governed by hierachical structures and follow living religious leaders (e.g. Ayatollah in Iran).
What is a Shah? The Persian word for King.
When major event occurred in 1979 and who was the leader? The Iranian (or Islamic) Revolution which was led by Ayatollah Khomeini.
What was Iran most known for? OIL!!!!!!!!
What was the Shah's rule of Iran like? Very authoritarian, although he supported women's rights and was receptive to Western policy ideas.
When did the Qajar Dynasty rule over Iran? From 1789 to 1925.
When and how did Reza Khan (Reza Shah Phalavi) become Shah? In 1921, Reza Khan named himself Shah of Persia after staging a coup against the government of Sultan Ahmad (the last Qajar ruler).
What aspects of life did Reza Khan modernise? Education, medicine and hygiene, the Judiciary (modelled along French lines) and women no longer had to wear the niqab & gown.
Created by: T Greenfield