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French Revolution+

Test your knowledge of the French Revolution and its outcomes

Louis XIV King of France at the beginning of the French Revolution.
What happened to Louis XIV and why? He was overthrown by the people and exiled. He and his wife were eventually executed due to their lack of understanding of the problems of the people and fear that they would try to win back their throne.
Guillotine A method of beheading people more quickly and efficiently than previous methods of execution.
First Estate Class of nobles
Second Estate Clergy
Third Estate Middle class and commoners
Who paid all the taxes in the Estates System? Third Estate
Storming of the Bastille The people of Paris stormed the Bastille prison to find stores of wheat for making bread. It was a major turning point in the French Revolution.
John Locke Enlightenment philosopher who created the idea of natural rights.
Natural Rights Life, Liberty, and Property
Two Negative Outcomes of the French Revolution Reign of Terror Rise of Napoleon
Reign of Terror Time following the French Revolution when natural rights were denied and people who didn't support the Jacobins were executed.
Three Positive Outcomes of the French Revolution Declaration of the Rights of Man Declaration of the Rights of Women Abolition of Slavery
Toussaint L'Ouverture Former French slave who overthrew French rule in Haiti and brought independence to Haiti
Simon Bolivar Venezuelan General who fought Spain for independence for Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Columbia
Jose de SanMartin Argentinian General who fought Spain for independence for Argentina, Chile, and Peru
Napoleon Bonaparte French General who made himself Emperor of France in the years following the Reign of Terror. He was overthrown and exiled.
Marie Antoinette Queen of France during French Revolution; she was out of touch with the problems of her people.
Palace of Versailles Home of Louis XIV - he spent vast sums of the people's money to make it luxurious. It became a symbol of how out of touch the King was with his own people who were starving.
Five Causes of the French Revolution Estates System Poverty High Taxes Cost of Bread King's Extravagant Lifestyle
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