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ss review unit 5

olive branch petition was sent to the king;it stated the americans loyalty to britain and requested the intolerable acts be repealed.
patriots colonists who favored war with britian
loyalists colonists who remained loyal to britian.
treason death/execution
militia volunteer army
continental army american army(not militia)
blockade using ships to block ports
alliance two groups working together
guerilla warfare hit and run attack
turning point change/shift in war
common sense 1776 by thomas paine, urged colonists to declare independence, spread the idea of independence
natural rights the rights to life, property,and liberty; these cannot be taken away you are born with them.
the battle at trenton the surprise attack on the Hessians(german allies), on Christmas night. 1st win in a while, which gave them hope and confidence
what was the significance of saratoga gained french allies and their navy
how did the americans keep peace by setting up the olive branch petition, they sent a letter to king asking for the intolerable act be repeled
how did the americans go into war The Americans set up a continental congress which was an American army (not militia) George Washington appointed leader of the continental army “commander in chief”
where did most of the early battles take place The fighting in the first few years took place in New England, specifically Boston. Because New England was most affected.
what was the purpose fro the declaration of independence To explain why they should be a free country
what is the preamble To explain why the colonists are writing the declaration
what is the statement of beliefs section the beliefs behind the declaration
what does the list of complaints state the actions of the British that have violated their rights
what does the declaration of independence section state announces that the colonies have become independent.



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