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7th Gr TX History

Texas Revolution

Sam Houston leader or Texan Army; In charge of all Troops during the Revolution; 1st president of the Republic of TX; born in Virginia; moved to Tennessee; gov of TN & TX
Santa Anna leader of Mexican Army; dictator of Mexico; He led Mexican forces against the Texans, laid siege to the Alamo, and was finally captured at the Battle of San Jacinto
James Bowie Commander of Alamo until illness; died there; Alamo defender who, before falling ill, was co-commander with William Travis; a soldier and a pioneer,
William Travis Commander of Texan Troops at the Alamo; died there; he wrote a letter “To the People of Texas and All Americans in the World”
David Crockett came to Texas to support cause; died at Alamo; from Tennessee; became a member of the U.S. Congress; went to help the Texans fight; ALAMO --battled and tried to defend.
Juan Seguin lead a Tejano unit during Revolution ; Tejano Alamo Defender. He was away getting reinforcements during the battle.
What were most Texas soldiers doing when the Mexicans began their attack on the Alamo? sleeping
When given the chance, does Crockett surrender? NO
Who wins the Battle of the Alamo? Mexico
When moving East, does Santa Anna keep his troops together? No
Do people agree with Sam Houston deciding to continue moving East? No
The rallying cries at San Jacinto were to remember which two events? Alamo & Goliad
How long did the battle of San Jacinto last? 18 minutes
Who won the battle of San Jacinto? Texas
Texas spent how many years as its own Republic? 9
Why did Sam Houston choose to keep Santa Anna alive? He wanted independence for Texas to the peace treaty at Velasco
Washington on the Brazos Location where the Texas Constitution was signed
How long did the battle at the Alamo last (length in days of the siege/fall)? Thirteen
Where was the site of the first battle? Gonzales
What was Mexico told to "Come and Take"? Cannon
_____________ y Tejas was a Mexican state Coahuila
Travis's letter from the Alamo said ____________ or death Victory
How many defenders survived the Alamo? Zero - None
Whose arrest/release sparked the need to fight? Austin
What year was Texas grated its statehood? 1845
Where did Fannin and 300+ other Texans die in battle? Goliad
What was the site of the final battle? SanJacinto
What treaty ended the Revolution? Velasco
Deaf Smith Houston's Trusted scout. He destroyed Vince's Bridge just before the battle of San Jacinto
James Fannin In charge of Texan Troops at Goliad. He was executed along with his men
George Childress Writer of Texas Declaration of Independence
What army attacked Who at the Alamo? Mexican army attacked Texans
______ promised to kill all Texans. Santa Anna
_________ and his men surrendered to ______ Troops at _____ _____. James Fannin; Mexican Troops; Coleto Creek
After surrendering ____ and his men were taken back to _____ __ _____ at Goliad.They were then ______ James Fannin: Presidio La Bahia; Executed
Convention of 1836 Temp. Gov't. was established - Sam Houston was put in charge of Texan Army - Declaration of Independence was Written
Texas declared independence from ______, US from _____ _______ Mexico; Great Britain
After retreating from _____ ____ for a few weeks, ___ _______ ordered Texans to attack on _____ __, ____ Santa Anna; Sam Houston; April 21, 1836
_____ ____ was captured the day after the Battle of San Jacinto. Santa Anna
Following his capture at ___ _______, Santa Anna was forced to sign the ________ __ _______. This granted Texas complete Independence and is now call San Jacinto; Treaties of Velasco; Republic of Texas
True or False: The battle at the Alamo lasted 30 minutes. False
True or False: The Texan troops wanted to kill Santa Anna. True
True or False: Sam Houston keeps Santa Anna alive. Tue
True or False: Santa Anna signs over Texas. True
True or False: Texas became the 28th state in 1845. True
Deaf Smith is sent to burn the ______________ Vince's Bridge
After obtaining freedom from Mexico, Texans chose a form of government for their independent nation that insured them political freedom. Which form of government was chosen? Republic
Anson Jones was a leader of which of the following? Texas when it was a Republic
Which is likely the reason Sam Houston won the Texas presidential election of 1836 with 80% of the vote? Most Texans admired his leadership skills.
Which was a problem faced by the EARLY Republic of Texas? lack of recognition as a nation by other countries
Why did the U.S. government REJECT Texas' initial proposal to become a state? It was afraid of provoking Mexico into a war.
Which do both the U.S. and Texas Constitutions do? both include checks and balances
Which was not a result of the Treaty of Velasco? (signed after the Battle of San Jacinto) Mexico could keep troops at their forts to defend against attacks
In what year was Texas annexed and granted statehood in the USA? 1845
Annexation a country incorporating into another existing country
Cabinet people who serve as advisers to the president of a nation
Provision a single part in a larger legal document
Recognition acknowledgement of something existing, being valid or legal
Diplomat a person who represents the government of a nation in relations with other government
Revenue money a government collects in order to cover expenses
When the capital of Texas was moved to Austin, many ___________________ from Britain, France and the United States were living in Texas. diplomats
President Lamar and his _____________________ arrived in Austin in 1839 ready to set forth with a new plan of governing the Republic of Texas. cabinet
After Texas gained their independence, the government needed to create a plan to gain more __________________ which would help them get out of debt after the Revolution. revenue
Lamar criticized Sam Houston for failing to get ____________________ from Europe and Mexico for Texas’ independence. recognition
Many Texans were in favor of ______________________ by the United States annexation
One of the ____________________ in the Treaty of Velasco was that Santa Anna would never again fight against Texas. provisions
frontier Undeveloped land that lies beyond the border of a settled territory
tariff A tax on imported goods
amendment To change a Constitution or law
domestic policy How a country handles its problems within its own nation
foreign policy The way a country interacts with other countries
republic A form of government run by elected representatives
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