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Impressment the act of seizing by force
War Hawk a western who supported the War of 1812
Coercion the practice of forcing someone to act in a way by use of pressure or threats
Hawk a person who favors the use of military force to carry out foreign policy
Siege continuous military attack
Tecumseh Shawnee Indian chief, attacked frontier settlements
Oliver Hazard Perry “Don’t give up the ship”
Francis Scott Key witnessed the attack at Battle of Fort McHenry and his poem becomes our National Anthem a.k.a. The Star-Spangled Banner
James Madison In 1812 president James Madison asks Congress for a declaration of war
Andrew Jackson In Jan 1815 Gen. Andrew Jackson decisively defeats the invading British
Henry Clay speaker of the House of Representatives
John Calhoun Senator from South Carolina
Meriwether Lewis One of the leaders of Corps of Discovery
William Clark The other leader of the Corps of Discovery
Sacagawea Native American interpreter
Zebulon Pike His mission was to find the sources of the Arkansas and Red rivers, He was captured by the Spanish and thrown into jail, He spent most of his time in Kansas, He discovered Pikes peak, and Described the great plains
York Lewis’s slave, but severed as an equal member on the trip
Toussaint L’Ouverture He led a revolt for the French but lost he was fighting for slaves
Toussaint Charbonneau Husband of Sacagawea
Embargo Act of 1807 Attempted to solve the problem diplomatically by closing all American ports to foreign trade but was unpopular
Battle of Thames After the battle of Tippecanoe they killed Tecumseh
Battle of Tippecanoe William Henry Harrison defeated the Shawnee
Battle of York U.S. win victory in York which is present-day Toronto after that troops burned down the capital city
Battle of Lake Erie U.S. victory, allowed U.S. troops to cross into Canada to pursue Tecumseh
Treaty of Ghent A treaty was signed in December 1814 with neither side winning and neither side gained or lost territory (they compromised and found a way to agree on certain things)
Louisiana Purchase The U.S. purchased the Louisiana Territory from France
Lewis & Clark Expedition Corps of Discovery, the purpose was to make good relations with N.A., Find a water route to the Pacific Ocean, Collect different species of animals and plants, Charles Floyd died, Sioux attempted to steal horses but we scared them away
What was the goal of Tecumseh? To reunite all Native Americans so they don’t lose their land
What were the three causes of the War of 1812? 1. Impressment of U.S. citizens 2. Interference with American shipping 3. British support of Native American resistance
What fort was the British attacking while the Star-Spangled Banner was written? Fort McHenry
What were the effects of the War of 1812? Increased American patriotism, Weakened Native American resistance, U.S. manufacturing grew, U.S. established itself as a world power
What ended the War of 1812? Treaty of Ghent
Who said, “Don’t give up the ship!”? Oliver Hazard Perry
Who was “Old Hickory”? Andrew Jackson
How did the Corps of Discovery contribute to the War of 1812? They mapped out areas in the west so people would know where everything is, they wrote about all the plants and animals they saw in the west so people wouldn’t be scared to go there not know what other living things are there, they also made friends with
Which French leader sold the Louisiana Territory to the U.S.? Napoleon Bonaparte
Which southern city did both Jefferson and Napoleon want? New Orleans
Why did France sell the Louisiana Territory to the United States? They were too busy with foreign affairs
How much in all did the United States pay for the Louisiana Territory? $15 million
How much did the land in the Louisiana Territory cost per acre? 3 cents
Why did the U.S. offer to buy New Orleans? They could use the port for trading with foreign countries
How did Pike’s description of the Great Plains lead to Native American relocation? He described it as dry and not good for farming since he described it like that we didn’t care to have it so we moved the Native Americans there because we didn’t care what land they had and we knew that their old land would be good because they used it
What was Pike’s description of the Great Plains? Dry and not good for farming
Created by: harlowse
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